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Sunday Morning Gatherings

9am & 10:30am

25120 Front Ave. Mattawan


Youth Ministry: 180

(6th-8th Grade)

Wednesday nights 6:40-8pm


Youth Ministry: Gravity

(9th – 12th Grade)

Sunday nights 6:30-8pm

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(Nursery – 5th grade)

Sundays during the service

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Thoughts from Pastor Don
Lead Pastor

When We Don’t Know What to Say

My blog is an intentional look at the world around me.  My sermons are an intentional look at God’s Word.  There is not a lot of exposition of daily life in my sermons.  Instead, on Sunday we look at what it means that God breaks into our world with communication.  He speaks and we seek…

Your Candidate’s Name Isn’t In the Bible

If I had a dollar for every time I read or heard the phrase, “I just don’t know how a Christians could vote for _________” I would be able to go to Disney and maybe even take my family with me.  But at the risk of entering into a political discussion as a pastor, I…

5 Blessings in 2020

I keep hearing comments and seeing memes that act like 2020 is a curse word.  And although most of those things are just meant to be jokes, I think it is clear that people are tired of everything we have faced since January 1, 2020.  But there are still good things.  And I realize that…