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Sunday Morning Gatherings


25120 Front Ave. Mattawan

Livestream at 10:30am
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Youth Ministry: 180

(6th-8th Grade)

Wednesday nights 6:45-8pm


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Youth Ministry: Gravity

(9th – 12th Grade)

Sunday nights 6:30-8pm

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(Nursery – 5th grade)

Sundays during the service

Don's Blog

Thoughts from Pastor Don
Lead Pastor

Why I Love The ReCAST Church Elders

I knew from the very beginning of ReCAST Church that I wanted there to be a plurality of leadership.  More than just a generalized desire for plurality of leadership in the church, I was convinced from the Scriptures that having more than one person leading a church was what God desires.  For this reason, we…

3 Reasons I Am Preaching the Song of Songs

I once heard of a prominent pastor who aspires to preach the entire Bible within His lifetime.  And he said in jest that if he has the opportunity, you can be sure that the Song of Songs will be the very last one.  True to his word he has not yet preached through the Song…

What Grace Does

What the local church has in abundance, is exactly what the world needs.  The local church, rather than being some business or institution, is more simply defined as the local gathering of those who have asked Jesus Christ to rescue them from their sin.  They recognize Him as their leader.  They have experienced salvation that…