Sunday, February 23: Closing Credits – Romans 16:1-16

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Choosing a Bible Translation

Any conversation about Bible translation has the potential to bring up a lot of emotions.  People who grew up in the church have likely become accustomed to a particular translation and they develop loyalties.  Further clouding the issue is the way we naturally associate a favorite translation with people along the way. “Grandma loved that…

What is Gray?

I grew up in a world of concrete good and bad.  Wrong and right.  Everything to my young developing mind was black and white.  When I came to understand Christ and was saved through faith in His sacrifice, I went through a phase of systematically removing the bad and replacing it with the “good”.  Out…

Hearing the Good

We can tend to think that Jesus only ever came to give encouragement.  He would always leave his people with gladness and joy.  Many churches have turned the church service into a pep talk.  The implication would be that if we have connected with God and Jesus we would surely leave with good feelings. But…