The ReCAST building and office are CLOSED, but the staff is still available to serve you!
Please email the office or call 668-7050. Calls will be automatically forwarded to staff.
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What's happening at ReCAST

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Sunday Service

Starts at 10:30am

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Youth Ministry: 180

(6th-8th Grade)

Normally, 1st & 3rd Sundays during service


Youth Ministry: Gravity

(9th – 12th Grade)

Normally, Sunday nights from 6:30-8pm

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(Nursery – 5th Grade)

Every Sunday during the service

Don's Blog

Thoughts from Pastor Don
Lead Pastor

Conspiracy Phase

I must confess that I keep up with social media.  And over the course of this lock-down I have observed phases of online content.  There was the initial light-hearted phase where every other post had something to do with Corona Beer.  Staying humorous, but getting more serious we went through the shopping and acquiring toilet…

A New Superintendent!

It didn’t take long to figure out that Mattawan Consolidated School is the heartbeat of this small community.  Back in 2009 I moved my family here from Portage with the goal of planting a new church that would be centered in the Bible as the Word of God, and motivated to give love and blessing…

Not About COVID-19

Rather than add more content to an expanding body of opinions and speculation, I have decided to blog about 5 random points of gratitude that have nothing to do with COVID-19. 1.  The Snow Drops are Up in the Woods by My House This is always the first sign of Spring around my house.  The…