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Don's Blog

Thoughts from Pastor Don
Don and Linda Nov. 2019

Submitting and Impeaching

How in the world is it possible that my next sermon in the book of Romans arrives right on the week of the public hearings for the impeachment of a sitting president?  I can only explain it as one of those things that I see as the hand of God.  Some people believe in coincidence.…

Focusing Zeal

This week, I am preaching a text that contains over 31 commands!  Yes, it is firehose of instruction that intentionally was written by the apostle Paul to overwhelm us with a portrait of genuine love for one another in the church.  By the end of Romans 12:9-21 we have a pretty amazing picture of what…

Why Membership?

Ten years ago when ReCAST church was just a baby church, we started with a pretty low view of membership.  In my idealistic and poorly informed view of church membership, I brashly stated to many people that church membership is not something that we see in the Bible.  And so it was de-emphasized for the…