The ReCAST Team is made up of both paid staff and volunteers. Our paid staff is made up of our Lead Pastor, Worship Director, Youth Pastor Intern, ReCAST Kids Director, Church Administrator, Office Manager and Office Clerk.  Our volunteer leaders are elders who oversee the church.  The staff and elders are the ones pictured here on this page.

We are here to serve you. Please let us know how we can help.

STAFF - May 2022 Don, Ben, Steph, Stefanie, Linda, Deidre (Dave not pictured)

Don Filcek

Lead Pastor

Ben Wainwright

Youth Pastor Intern

Dave Bunt

Worship Director

Deidre Thompson

Office Clerk

Stephanie Fuller

ReCAST Kids Director

Linda Filcek

Church Administrator

Stefanie Koerner



Jesse Hill

Marc Kline

Zac Lloyd

Nick McLaughlin

Dave Wilson