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The front doors take you into this space. The barn doors separate and lead into the Cafe/Multipurpose room.

Mulitpurpose Room

This is the room where we meet on Sunday mornings. There are also basketball hoops and a volleyball net that can be set up.


Appliances we have are a dishwasher, fridge, and an "almost-oven." We do not provide plasticware/paper plates. Please bring your own.

ReCAST Kids Hallway


All of our classrooms come equipped with a counter and sink. Most rooms have a whiteboard available for use.

Room 1 - Preschool Room

This is the room that holds our 2 & 3 year olds on Sunday mornings. There is a counter with a sink and a bathroom connecting this room to the other preschool room.

Room 2 - Preschool Room

This is the room that hosts our 4 year old - Young 5s class on Sunday mornings. This room shares a bathroom with Room 1.

Room 3 - Early Elem.

Our kindergarten-1st graders hang out in here! This room is at the end of our hallway and has the most windows.

Room 4 - Middle/High School

This is where our youth room. There are couches and games, as well as a mini fridge and sink.

Room 5 - Elementary

Our 4th-5th graders are in here on Sundays. There are adult-size tables and chairs for use in Rooms 5 & 6.

Room 6 - Elementary

Our 2nd-3rd graders are in here on Sundays. Rooms 5 & 6 have adult-size tables and chairs for use, and they are separated by a divider wall. This room also has doors leading to the Cafe/Multipurpose Room.

Room 7 - Nursery

ReCAST babies call this room their home! There is a sink and a one way window on the west wall.