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Sunday Morning Gatherings


25120 Front Ave. Mattawan

Livestream at 10:30am
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Youth Ministry: 180

(6th-8th Grade)

Wednesday nights 6:45-8pm

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Youth Ministry: Gravity

(9th – 12th Grade)

Sunday nights 6:30-8pm

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(Nursery – 5th grade)

Sundays during the service

Don's Blog

Thoughts from Pastor Don
Lead Pastor

When to Ask For Help

I think I have noticed a trend.  Maybe it’s just in my local context, which I can speak to quite well.  But I imagine that what I am experiencing is likely happening in the broader context of other churches as well. First of all, I think many people cannot define what a pastor exists to…

Defining Woman

Can we assume that Eve was the first woman?  She was certainly the first female.  But is the word “woman” merely reserved for a gendered cultural expression that can only be defined based on social constructs?  I assume that cultural expressions were quite limited being that just her and Adam existed AND that the fashion…

Why Community?

I am preaching the very difficult passage of 2 Samuel 11 this week.  David and Bathsheba is a super shocking passage in context.  Everything is going great in David’s life and then *WHAM* he’s raping one of his soldier’s wives and murdering her husband as a cover up!  And the text is starkly unemotional about…