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final SERMON GRAPHIC 1st Corinthians

Sunday Morning Gatherings

9AM and 11AM

25120 Front Ave. Mattawan

Livestream at 11AM
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Youth Ministry: 180

(6th-8th Grade)

Wednesday nights 6:45-8PM

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Youth Ministry: Gravity

(9th – 12th Grade)

Sunday nights 6:30-8PM

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(Nursery – 5th grade)

Sundays during both services

Don's Blog

Thoughts from Pastor Don

MS and the Strength of the Lord

My wife is one of the strongest people I’ve ever met.  She gave birth to three quite sizable humans, without pain medication and barely a word of complaint.  She is strong.  I say that to set the stage for what comes next. Linda has been diagnosed with MS.  She continues to be strong through this…

The Word of the Year: Authentic

Every year, Merriam-Webster releases its word of the year.  They take into account the usage of words in search engines coupled with correlating current events to select their word.  In 2022 the word was ‘gaslighting’ but now in 2023, the word of the year is ‘authentic’. That sounds super close to a core value of…

When Evil Breaks Through

I think it is impossible to fathom the level of evil that lies dormant in every single human heart.  Hitler was made of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen . . . Blood, flesh and bone.  And yet he stands as a man who converted a whole lot of potential evil into kinetic evil.  The human heart…